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Can she trust her new found ally, and resident psychiatrist Cameron Cole? This was my first experience of this author and I have to say it will most certainty not be my last. Right from the early pages I was thrown into this intensely erotic story. To say I was aroused would be a flipping understatement. By page 40 I was literally And OMG, the men in this book This author can not only write really bloody great and descriptive erotic scenes but there was also an intensity to the story that grabbed my attention and kept it all the way to the end.

Of course it also helped that the writing flowed beautifully, the characters were engaging, there was a great mix of drama, a good splash of humour, a story that developed at the right pace and a story that allowed me to develop a connection with the characters. This was a very solid 4. If you want a story that is super HOT, but also gives a good balance of great story line and engaging characters then I would highly recommend this one.

View all 42 comments. Mia Lauren is a young and innocent twenty one year old who is working two jobs just to make ends meet. Her mother died of an overdose when she was young and a few years later her father died in a motorcycle accident. Her stepmother, Lorraine, took her in and raised her.

Later, Lorraine was diagnosed with cancer and had to have expensive treatment. Mia feels responsible for Lorraine and is trying to help pay for her medical bills. When a friend tells her about a job opportunity that would pay eno Mia Lauren is a young and innocent twenty one year old who is working two jobs just to make ends meet.

When a friend tells her about a job opportunity that would pay enough so that she wouldn't have to worry anymore she jumps at the chance. Her interview was less than stellar, but she lucks out and gets the job at Enthrall anyway. Mia is responsible for checking his email, running errands and greeting the customers. Their first meeting was rather comical. Since the Dominatrices Lotte, Scarlet, and Penny interviewed and hired Mia, she had yet to meet her new boss, so she didn't know what Richard looked like.

Enthrall Secrets by Vanessa Fewings

When this guy rushes into the office complaining about his contact and rushing down the hallway, Mia does her best to keep him out thinking he was an intruder. When Mia rings the silent alarm Lotte comes to her rescue, introducing her to her new boss and attempting to make light of the awkward situation.

Mia is innocent and doesn't have any experience with the types of things that go on down in the dungeon. She's intrigued by some pictures and she soon starts having sexual day dreams about Richard. Richard is attracted to Mia too, but he doesn't do serious relationships anymore, so he steers clear of Mia as much as possible. Attraction or not though, Richard is concerned about the lack of knowledge Mia has in the sexual world. He soon finds an excuse to fire her which has Mia turning to Cameron for help. Cameron Cole is the Director and psychologist of Enthrall, but more importantly he is Richard's best friend.

It also doesn't hurt that he's good to look at too. I have to say the scene where Mia goes to beg for her job back and Cameron "helps" her convince Richard was hot. Cameron is interested in helping his best friend move on from his tragic past. Richard isn't interested in making any type of romantic connection or loving anyone. Cameron, however, thinks Mia might just be the key that allows Richard to have a love life again. So he gets creative and sets up different situations that push Richard and Mia together, eventually making them acknowledge their attraction for one another.

As their feelings grow they can't help but to act on them and are soon falling in love. Richard is a dominant and he's damn good at it, but when it came to Mia, I loved seeing his jealous and loving side. Mia may be young and innocent, but she's not afraid to fight for what she wants. She doesn't let anyone stand in her way, even Richard. Her determination led her to show up unescorted to a sex party at Chrysalis. Cameron had to come to her rescue and save her from some unwanted sexual attention.

Even though he knows Mia is Richard's he can't help but to notice her. Everything flowed so smoothly for me that I finished this in one day. I thought more was going to happen than what did and I don't know why the drama at the end was needed, but I can only assume that this was more of the build up for the next book. I'm okay with that. Luckily for me books two and three are already out, so I don't have to wait to finish this story. I loved all of the dominatrix ladies at Enthrall, especially Lotte. They were so nice and friendly to Mia from the very beginning. I hope that we get to know more them.

But more than anything I loved Cameron. A lot. There's just something about him that pulls you in. I think everyone who reads this will love him too. Learning the depth of his and Richard's friendship was compelling. My naughty side also wants to see more of Chrysalis. While there isn't a love triangle yet, I can easily see one forming and am intrigued.

Cameron is not immune to Mia's innocence either which is what I think is so attractive about her to everyone. Overall, this was an enjoyable read, one that I will can't wait to continue on with. I want to know what happens next! View all 19 comments. ARC provided by the author, Vanessa Fewings, in exchange for an honest review! Struggling to make ends meet financially, Mia Lauren takes a job as a secretary for the exclusive fetish club Enthrall. While working at the club, Mia realizes that she is very attracted and drawn to Richard and his sexual preferences.

While Richard is attracted to Mia as well, he tries to keep his distance from her because he no longer feels he is capable of loving another person and no longer pursues serious relationships with women. Cameron believes that Mia might be the one woman who can help Richard move on from his tragic past and find love again.

He creates situations between Richard and Mia that force them to recognize their attraction and feelings for one another. I am not saying this to discourage you from reading this book, I just wanted to give you an idea of what to expect regarding the BDSM and sexual elements of this novel. What I Enjoyed Cameron! I love how he is caring, protective, intelligent, and very alpha male! Going into this book, I expected Richard to be a sexual, dominant, alpha male who would stop at nothing make Mia his own.

In reality, I thought he was actually really wishy washy when it came to his relationship with Mia. The ending. Then at the end, it kind of seemed like Cameron might be joining their relationship as well? I guess I was just confused because I thought Mia would either end up with Richard or Cameron, not both of them. I definitely plan on continuing the series to see what happens next for Mia, Richard and Cameron. Memorable Quote "I truly believe that you and I come from the exact same star. That star split off a millennia ago into a thousand pieces and yet we've found each other by some remarkable twist of fate.

View all 22 comments. Thank you for adding Enthrall! View all 8 comments. I am utterly Enthralled! This series had me enslaved from page one, the writing was elegant, witty, and smooth. The story so very refreshing. The characters are all unique and intriguing and had my mind wondering which direction this book would lead. I'm keeping this review short because I spent waaaay too much time making the images for this review, I am utterly Enthralled!

I'm keeping this review short because I spent waaaay too much time making the images for this review, but I just couldn't help myself!!! I absolutely loved everything about this series, it is amazing and I would very much recommend it to anyone new to reading about the BDSM genre. This was done right and handled with care. Vanessa Fewings Richard… Mia… Cameron View all 6 comments. Enthrall was.. It was so different to what I was expecting. I moved a couple of books down my list so I could get to this faster. I stayed up until the wee hours reading Enthrall.

Sebastian X Reader Cherry Knots

I'm glad I did cause this book was crazy. Crazy in a good way. Quite a few times I sat down with my eyes closed and said, out loud I might add, "This is so fucked up. I didn't put it down though, I opened my eyes back up and kept going. Not so naive to the world though, it had not been kind to her so far. She had issues and she didn't even realize how deep they went. I love that she wasn't that annoying virginal type that we read about, not really, she just got on with it.

Did what she had to do. Fight for her new job, her sexuality and for love. Work out whether she was being manipulated and whether or not she could the person she needed to be. Conquer you. He was a dominant. He practiced and managed it. He was closed off and hard to get a read on. He had so much going on. Issues, spirituality, chemistry and jealousy I still have no clue if that's what it was?

But he was desirable. He had me wanting to nag him for answers, but begging him to spank me first, and talk second. He was complex. Their whole relationship was complex and quite beautiful at times. Maybe it's some unspoken promise he'll become more than he is because of it. That's when it just starts getting really fucking weird.

I was suspicious, then I was scared, then I was curious, then I was just downright horny. Seriously, that friendship weirds me out. I was with Mia didn't know what to think. I loved that about this book. What the fucking, fuckerty, fuck! I need to know what's going on next with the latest crazy revelation that was enough to put Mia, who takes everything in her stride, flat on her ass.

Will Mia confront the one person in her life that probably has an answer? Chrysalis - god, please, I need more of that. Enough of the mystery, I'm ready to know and play. Is there more than to all of this than meets the eye? I just want more nowwwwwwwww! I truly believe that you and I come from the exact same star.

That star split off a millennia ago into a thousand pieces yet we've found each other by some remarkable twist of fate. That's why it's only now, after reuniting with you all these centuries later, that I feel whole again. Mar 18, S. Yair-Levy rated it it was amazing.

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All of the characters find a place in your heart even when Fewings is making you question their intentions. It had some nice twists, good angst, and spank-me-hot scenes. Definitely a must read for those that enjoy the BDSM genre; even for those toeing into this genre. Can I get a job at 4. Can I get a job at Enthrall, too?? Shelves: contemporary-romance , romance , erotica , adult-steamy. I received this eARC from the author in exchange for an honest review. A Provocative and Thrilling Read! Simply Irresistible from Beginning to End!

The Review: There are some books that are so masterfully done that when you hit that last page, you want to instantly go back to the beginning and relive the experience all over again. For me, this is one of those books. Some would call it a dark, forbidden path, steeped in debauchery and wickedness.

Other would say it is enlightenment, freeing one's inhibitions and reservations. And then there are those who know nothing of its existence at all. But for Enthralls employees and members, its a necessary in life. This book was filled to the rim with fascinating, well developed characters. Mia Lauren is young, beautiful and innocent. When she interviews, she quickly realizes just how out of her element she is, but if they are willing to give her a chance, she'll do just about anything to prove she can do the job required.

When she enters the heady, dizzying world of Enthrall where dark fantasies are fulfilled and certain appetites realized, her innocence shines like a beacon to those who cross that dark domain, most notably, her boss Richard and his best friend Cameron. This unveiled world in turn, peaks her interest and arouses her curiosity and she herself is drawn to the life she never knew existed. I really liked Mia. Yes, she was innocent and naive, but she was also open minded and was willing to embrace her desires no matter how forbidden they might be. She has some real issues to overcome and her willingness to understand herself as well as those around her and to let both Richard and Cameron help, made her character more real.

Watching her submit to Richard was a beautiful thing. She still carried her dignity and her individuality but she wanted to let Richard take the reins and help her find her submissive side. Richard Booth is wealthy, intelligent and incredibly handsome. When he meets Mia, he wants nothing to do with her, desperately pushing her away. She shines in a bleak world that is filled with misery and drowning pain and he wants to grab onto her like a life preserver.

Quote Spotlight He peered down at me with his noble, intelligent face. The kind that hints at good breeding, as though both his parents had been stunners. Yes, beautiful, that was it, and rugged at the same time. An hypnotic combo. I really liked Richard.

He still had heart even after the horrific things in his past. He transformed his anger and hurt into daring exploits and adventures and he found a way to settle the demons in his mind. He is still drowning in self loathing but with Mia, those feelings started to fade into the background. My heart broke for him but I loved his strength and his dominant personality. He was totally delish!

Sexy, intelligent, fascinating. This man stole the spotlight for me. There was something sensually alluring about him too. As though he knew of his effect and could turn it up a notch just to amuse himself. Cameron comes from old money and he knows what his good looks, his charm and his complex personality does to people. The triangle between him, Mia and Richard fascinated me and left me wanting and craving more! The Women The way they circled around and protected her and took her under their wings was caring and brilliant.

I love strong, dominant women who can hold their own and these women were certainly that. I want a girls night out with all of them! The Wrap Up: Enthrall delighted and seduced me. The story was delicious, the characters sexy and the romance captivating! Check my blog, Craves the Angst , for additional quotes from the book! Check out my Pinterest Page for pics I matched to this awesome book! View all 11 comments. Gosh, slap me upside the head, am so confused after finishing this novel Ok, so still following at this pt Next, Doms think Mia is too innocent and too much of a temptation to themselves and clients, so they fire her.

She attempts to win back her job by suddenly going against her shy character and lets be vague to not spoil 'lowers her inhibitions' in the office and wala! Now starts this weird threesome love triangle, but with Richard mainly the love interest who is best friends with the other guy Cameron. They have this really bizarre almost bisexual relationship, which actually is described as such in the book but never becomes clearer.

And for her coming from an abusive past, generally takes a bit longer for those emotional barriers to come down. And her first BDSM experience is the whole nine yards, one would think they would ease into it. Richard is one of the most mercurial characters I have ever read bout at one pt he is in bottom of pool with oxygen tank thinking another he "shrugs his shoulders" after suddenly breaking up an intimate moment.

Was it just me? Even if it is a series unknown at this pt - not sure next novel could eradicate bumpiness of beginning novel. View all 3 comments. Mia is 21 year old trying to make ends meet. So, when an opportunity came knocking at her door, a chance to be interviewed by the Mistresses of Enthall, a top BDSM Club, for a secretarial job, she wasted no time and go for it.

But wit Mia is 21 year old trying to make ends meet. This book is so unpredictable in the sense that you want to know what will happen next, it will hooked you from start to finish. Vanessa Mistress Fewings. This woman knows how to write broody, mysterious, sexy, dark male leads and she makes it seem so effortless. Those of us who read two, three or more books a week, know how difficult it is to find an author who can write characters with such depth. This is the third book I've read from this author so it came to no surprise that the writing was mature as were the characters.

I was also pleasantly surprised by the story. Considering all the BDSM books out there, this was completely original and the exceptional writing made it even more so. I'll start with the heroine. My jaw dropped. I placed the box on the table. I waited for him to leave. I thought they were earrings. There was nothing weak or annoying about her character, in fact, I found her to be quit endearing. I loved reading this story from her POV. Richard and Cameron. Good Lord, I was completely lost in book heaven with these two. I can't say enough about their character development, except that there's no way they are fictional.

No way.

RAR - Enthrall Sessions 1 Vanessa Fewings

Vanessa Mistress Fewings, when you are through with Cameron please send him my way. The interaction between these two best friends was fantastic. Cameron "I prefer to think of myself as a connoisseur of dark arts. What the fucking, fuckerty, fuck. The dominatrix and the heroines best friend were wonderful secondary characters and did not dominate this book. They were perfectly blended in. For those who love triangles, you'll get a small smidgen of it. Not much really. For those who hate triangles, no worries.

There's no back and forth drama. What you'll get is a book that keeps you on the edge of your seat turning pages because you can't put it down. It's dripping with sexual tension and a couple of seriously hot men. It also has a very captivating story line. I was sucked in and I didn't want the story to ever end.

The ending had a nice twist view spoiler [ However, I wish it had something to do with Mia and Richard instead of the father. Regardless of that, this book took a permanent vacation to my favorites shelf as it's IMO the best book I've read in this type of genre since I will be patiently impatiently waiting for the next book. Read this people! You won't be disappointed. View all 14 comments. I read the plot and I said to myself. Unfortunately, it was not what I was expecting. I swear I wanted to love this book. Lord knows I really wanted too and it kills me to write this review.

The book had pontential but it fell short for me. So imagen my devastation. The two main characters, Richard and Mia were one dimensional and had no personality; I lost interest. Cameron is the phycharitist and owner of the BDSM Club Enthrall and another exclusive club that's another mystery of its own. Who knows how to manipulate everyone. Including Richard and Mia.

Anything that Richard and Mia did had to be approved or guided by Cameron. Also, Richard and Cameron were so close that it seem as if they were past lovers or maybe current lovers on the down low I was very confuse about there friendship. There were so many unanswered questions and the end was rushed. One minute Richard and Mia don't know each other or spent enough time together.

The next they are saying I love you. Don't get me wrong. I dont mind a rush love affair. But I need some meat and potatoes with that. Don't give me bones. There was so much that she could have done with the place and the main characters. ARC kindly provided by the author for a honest. View all 9 comments. The virgin meeting an "experienced" man that had a different taste of pleasure. I kinda wished she wasn't a virgin. Just so the story wouldn't take on so many similar aspects to Enthrall is a private night club that services to wealthy clients that have a different kind of taste for pleasure.

Mia came off naive, inexperienced, and sheltered. She didn't seem like the kind of woman that would fit in at a private club like Enthrall. She was more like the innocent girl next door that likes "vanilla". Her knowledge on BDSM was little to none. Richard is an interesting man. I had mixed feelings for him at first. I couldn't tell if I liked him or not. He was guarded, closed off. I found Cameron intriguing. I felt his dominance early on. I wasn't sure which one was more alpha, Richard or Cameron.

Both men were handsome and exuded confidence. I think the mystery of why Mia was warned to keep her distance made him so much more interesting to me. I know, I'm just asking for trouble I did feel like it lacked depth. The journey for Richard and Mia felt a bit lack lustrous. You knew they liked each other and had a connection but I wished their interest for each other was given more attention. I liked that Scarlett and Lotte were more on the kind, helpful, sisterly love kind of characters and not judgmental and untrustworthy.

They welcomed Mia and helped her. I was expecting that outcome at the end. Now on to the next installment. Nov 19, Dirty Dayna rated it it was amazing. Now did I buy the book because it was written perfectly? Did it get 5 starts because it was the best thing ever.. It is all confusing and I really want it to be a MMF story so badly. Mia is poor and desperate for work to pay for medical bills for her mother. Cole is an enigma who is dripping in wealth and eroticism. Richard is a lost Dom who has given up on love..

BDSM is presented very well in the story as a wholly consensual story. Enthrall is more than a dungeon.. I need more Enthrall in my life.

Enthrall Her

Jul 15, She has a lot of medical bills that have stacked due to her step-mothers sickness and Mia is the one that is paying the bills. Mia's mother is dead and her father is also believed to be dead. The only family she has left is her step-mother. She can barely manage to feed herself, living off Ramen noodles most of the time and she lives in a run down studio apartment with old used stained up furniture and an old rickety fridge that would wake her up each night as it tried to spit out ice cubes from a freezer long broken. Mia was given an opportunity to interview for Enthrall , one of L.

They were hiring a new secretary and it had a fantastic salary, but she was afraid that interview did not go well. She had no experience in the type of atmosphere that she would be around if hired for the position. She knew that she didn't have experience in working with the darker side of sex, let alone experience in general. Leaving the interview, she was very discouraged and was sure that she had blown the interview. About a week later, she received a phone call that would change everything for her.

Financially, and personally. Mia got the job working at Enthrall working as the secretary to the clubs assistant director Richard Booth. Richard also served at the senior dominant for the club. Her first meeting with Richard did not go well at all. Mia thanked Richard for the opportunity to work for him to which Richard returned "I didn't hire you. The director did. After a week, Mia thought that she had the hand of working at Enthrall and tried to stay out of Richard's way, but became friends with Mistress Lotte, Miss Scarlet and Lady Penny.

They all encouraged her and shared their wisdom and life lessons that they had learned about work, love and shopping. They encourage her to experience things that she has never experienced before. Mia learned quickly that Richard was a difficult man. There were times that Richard seemed to be attracted to Mia and other times he was rude and distant with her. Mia found herself starting to fantasize about him and wanting to be with him. During her second week at Enthrall , Mia meets Cameron.

Mia find out at a later time that Cameron is the Director of Enthrall. Cameron is also someone who finds himself attracted to Mia. We find out that Cameron is Richard's Psychiatrist and also his best friend. Cameron helped Richard out from a situation many years ago and has been there for him ever since During Cameron's visit to Enthrall, Mia overhears Richard telling Cameron that he wants Mia gone. That she is no experience and ends up firing Mia. Mia does get her job back, but she does so in an interesting way, which I will not elaborate on.

Mia has such an air off innocence about her and both men were drawn to that. Cameron is aware that Richard is attracted to Mia and uses manipulated both Mia and Richard in some interesting ways to get them together. There were times that it seemed that Cameron wanted Mia for himself also and fought the temptation no matter how hard it was.

You will find out Cameron's reasoning behind hiring Mia, which I though was quite interesting. In the beginning there were a lot of things that Mia was forbidden from seeing. Places in the workplace that she was forbidden to go, which made her all the more curious. She finds herself being sexually attracted to the possibility of getting involved in some of the BDSM lifestyle and hopes that Richard will be the one to teach her. In the book, you will find out about Richard's difficult past and why he is the way he is now.

You will also find out more about Mia and why she has insecurity issues. There are some interesting twists in the story. I wondered about Richard's and Cameron's relationship and if it was just a friendship or more than that. It had me wondering at time the relationship between Richard, Mia and Cameron. It will be interesting to see what happens in the next book and if anything will become of the three of them.

You will find innocence, friendship, passion, pain, darkness, love and some heartache. I didn't feel that there was a lot of BDSM in the story, but there was some. I thought it was a love story that showed growth in life and love. I thought that the book was pretty well written and had a love story side to it. It showed how a person can grow and change in a positive way with just the right person. I would recommend this book and am looking forward to reading "Enthrall Her" Enthrall Session, 2.

Some favorite parts of the book: Richard rested his hand on the gift. I thought it best to return this. Suppressing my excitement, I reached for the box. Let's open it in the coffee room. Mistress Scarlet smiled at us when we entered. Her gaze fell on the gift. Lady Penny raised the coffee pot. Penny poured coffee into it. The black box within had two hinges and I eased them open.

Inside were two delicate silver balls attached with a thin thread. I tried to hide my disappointment. Richard took a sip. Penny and Scarlet shared a wary glance with each other. I blushed wildly, wondering if it represented some part of the male anatomy. I frowned down at the box.

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It's bad enough having to put a tampon up there let alone something like this. Do something that will be so unexpected you'll blow his mind. Cameron took my hand an kissed it. View all 15 comments. BR with Jo and Sammy! This is a story of Mia Lauren, she's 21 and dreams of becoming a fashion designer someday. Through her friends girlfriend who used to work there , she is set up with the opportunity to interview at Enthrall , a fetish club for extremely wealthy people.

Mia leaves the interview not at all confident about the outcome. She wants the job so badly because of it's extremely high pay and she has her step-mother's medical bills to pay. Her step-mother is all she has left of family. Her mother had died before and her father is believed to be dead as well.

Mia is surprised and thrilled when she gets offered the job to work for Enthrall. She becomes the secretary to the club's assistant director and club's senior dominant, Richard Booth. Chasing Icon, the world's slickest art thief, was the most seductive thrill of London art investigator Zara Leighton's career The master is being challenged like never before, but those who claw for his possessions will feel his wrath. Billionaire Cameron Cole is a man without equal Will she risk it all for a priceless desire?

A rising star in one of London's top art investigation firms, Zara Leighton's talent for seeing deep into paintings is in her blood Billionaire Cameron Cole is the one in control.

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He makes the decisions of both pleasures and punishments. He is the ultimate master In the realms of business and pleasure, Cameron Cole is a billionaire without equal. In the boardroom and the bedroom, Cameron quite simply dominates Vanessa Fewings. Best Sellers. Add to basket failed. Please try again later.

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