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Facts and fictions of the male midlife crisis

Recent Traumas Going through a divorce, getting fired, a death of a family member or friend, or empty nest syndrome, can all trigger a midlife crisis. Acknowledge the Crisis Acknowledging the changes happening can help you find a way to move past the crisis. Think Before Making Any Radical Changes Before quitting a job, buying an expensive car, or leaving a spouse, talk to family members and friends. Sometimes, having an outside opinion can provide a useful perspective. Get Professional Help This can include different kinds of therapy, medicine, and holistic treatments.

With careful consideration and preparation, attitudes can improve with change, lessening the effects of the crisis. Move Outside Your Comfort Zone Trying a new activity, increasing a base of knowledge, and traveling can also help you move out of your comfort zones.

Why Your Late Twenties Is the Worst Time of Your Life

Volunteer More Volunteering to help others can offer a new perspective to the problems caused by a midlife crisis. Talk About the Crisis with Loved Ones Sometimes, just having a compassionate ear can make all the difference. Have frank discussions with loved ones to help ease the pain of a midlife crisis. Create New Goals If the current plan for aging and retirement has lost its luster, changing the plan may help.

Reconsider where to live during retirement, or whether to continue working for the same employer.

Why do so many middle-aged men feel so lost?

Taking steps towards positive changes can bring new energy into a marriage and into a career. Make a list of everything to accomplish in the next year, in the next five years, and in the next twenty years. Talk to a spouse or loved ones about the new personal goals , and how they can be achieved. Incorporating exercise, yoga, or meditation into a daily routine can help people suffering through a midlife crisis to gain perspective. Many people do not believe in the concept of a midlife crisis, which makes living through one all the more difficult.

Many experience a midlife crisis, or something akin to a crisis, when they reach middle age, and they need the support of friends and family members closest to them.

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Why Your Late Twenties Is the Worst Time of Your Life

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Emerging from the crisis much happier and with a greater sense of purpose. It feels horrible at the time, but research suggests that going through this crisis is extremely valuable as we age. Because those coping mechanisms that they developed as young adults have continued to strengthen. As you get older, it can be tough to remember what being in your twenties was really like.

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Namely, being in your twenties is often confusing and lonely, as two independent studies published this year found. Then, at some point, they leave their romantic partners, jobs, or social groups and become separated and lonely. They spend the worst part of this crisis reflecting and recalibrating their plans, alone and isolated, until eventually they go out and explore new hobbies, interests, and social groups, finally emerging at the other side of the crisis happier, more motivated, and with a greater sense of clarity.

This process can last for years, or repeat itself. At Happify, our data science team looked at various psychological indicators of some 88, people who joined our service during We found evidence both for the prominence of the quarter-life crisis and for the rise in well-being that follows it.