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That means words can be created by just jamming other, smaller words together. A famous example of this is German, which has a reputation for having words for everything. The law went away in , however, and this word was struck from the books. Because German words can be made by mashing smaller words together, they can technically stretch to infinity.

Therefore, the longest word is infinitely long.

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Case closed. Still here? There must be impressively long words that actually exist. Here are a few contenders. You all would not have guessed some of these. Some imitative words are more surprising than others. How to use a word that literally drives some people nuts. The awkward case of 'his or her'. Tough words and tougher competition.

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Which of these things doesn't belong? Test your visual vocabulary with our question challenge! Word of the Day : October 6, Prev Next. Definition 1 a : of or relating to an amaranth b : undying 2 : of a pinkish or rosy red color Did You Know? Build your vocabulary! Get Word of the Day in your inbox every day. Anyone who sincerely believes that to be the case has never tried to call a German office at one minute past five. Philip Oltermann in Berlin.

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Sisu is an untranslatable Finnish term that blends resilience, tenacity, persistence, determination, perseverance and sustained, rather than momentary, courage: the psychological strength to ensure that regardless of the cost or the consequences, what has to be done will be done. In a harsh environment and with powerful neighbours, it was what a young nation needed.

Sisu is what, in , allowed an army of , Finns to twice fight off Soviet forces three times their number, inflicting losses five times heavier than those they sustained. More prosaically, it has helped Finns get through a lot of long, lonely, dark and freezing winters, building in the process one of the wealthiest, safest, most stable and best-governed countries in the world. It is not all good, of course. Sisu can lead to stubbornness, a refusal to take advice, an inability to admit weakness, a lack of compassion.

Research shows it holds little appeal to the young.

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Jon Henley. It is an etiquette that is seen almost in all aspects of Iranian life, from hosts insisting on guests taking more food from the table, to the exchanges in the bazaar.

Although Ms A in reality cannot take the carpet out of the shop without paying for it, the seller might insist up to three times that she should just do that, until the amount of the price is finally mentioned. Saeed Kamali Dehghan. Leave it to Russia to serve up the melancholy: toska translates as yearning or ennui. What can toska pronounced tahs- kah mean? Spiritual anguish, a deep pining, perhaps the product of nostalgia or love-sickness, toska is depression plus longing, an unbearable feeling that you need to escape but lack the hope or energy to do so.

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Toska is the stuff of great literature. Evgeny Onegin, the foundational Russian novel-in-verse about superfluous men, unrequited love and duels? Loads of toska.

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Anton Chekhov wrote an entire short story called Toska about a cabman who recently lost his son and searches for someone to talk to about his grief. He ends up talking to his horse. All that broodiness in the great and not-so-great Russian novels? You get the picture. So why choose toska for this list of positivity?

Because if the Russian soul s the place where great emotions reside, then toska pays the rent.

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  • Without toska there cannot be delirious happiness, endless heartfelt conversations at 4am at the kitchen table, boundless generosity at obvious personal expense. Toska is a sign that your emotions go beyond logic and that you are really, truly living your emotions. Andrew Roth in Moscow.