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No special abilities are required to learn it, and after an attunement the initiation ceremony offered in a Reiki course everyone will develop the trademark feature of Reiki, healing hands. Using it on a daily basis, though, my surprise got even bigger: Reiki worked on every aspect of my life, from the physical to the psychological, from changing life circumstances to a deeper spiritual understanding.

Or, maybe, my understanding was simply too limited — after all, energy really means that everything is interconnected and can move and transform. And Reiki is not just a therapy but indeed a personal spiritual practice. In fact, this is how it all started: a connection to higher levels of consciousness, discovered in the early 20th century by Japanese scholar Mikao Usui as the result of a deep meditation practice. Reiki promotes physical healing and overall well being and can be used for any illness. Pain is often significantly reduced and the healing process accelerated. It is completely safe and there are no cautions or contraindications, no matter if you use it on a little cut from a kitchen knife or to treat a cancer patient.

There is no need to use Reiki instead of conventional therapies. It perfectly complements them and even reduces side effects of medication. My dog loves Reiki. One of my students treated a bumble bee until she could fly again, and my near-dead chilli plant turned out an almost industrial production of hot peppers. You can also use it while cooking or charge a ready-made meal. Whether it is a dishwasher, power drill, computer, printer or car — nothing is immune to Reiki.

Even the ticket machine at Richmond Station finally accepted my coins after some Reiki! Just think of a situation, and intend to send Reiki to it. Or connect to the energy before you go into a meeting. I am sure it will run more smoothly. Reiki helps to relax and allows us to deal with anxiety, depression, and emotional problems.

We feel more balanced and calm — and it can do wonders if we have a problem in our relationship! These are some of the many stories I hear from students after learning Reiki. Like, for instance, when I was 12, I took an entire bottle of Tylenol just to see what would happen, because I needed the pain to stop.

Why did everything hurt? And why? Why was I always on an emotional roller coaster. You know, when it was 10 I pulled out every single eyelash. I mean, I went two years without an eyelash. So I was emotionally numbing or releasing by pulling out eyelashes. You know, I was I was a softball player in high school and old growing up and, and I i without fail always had an issue with my coaches, anybody that had to tell me what to do, or whatever.

And then in my late 20s, I was actually wrongly diagnosed bipolar. And this happened for months. I was radically spending money I was putting my family in debt. My partner ex husband like he just was a saint and just dealt with it right and and survived. He was in survival mode to with me. And they put me on medicine. And I allergic Lee reacted to like every single thing if there was a one percenter I was it.

And then, you know, like, eight years later, I had three different psychiatrists confirm, I was bipolar, and of course depressed, but none of the medicine ever worked ever. And I was reacting allergic to everything. I was cycling hourly, I mean, I would go from happy to sad to piss to, you know, depressed, or whatever. I mean, the whole gamut of emotions. And I would experience all of them within a day. And this was every day.

How Reiki Changed My Life

So just getting up and getting myself showered. But, but I did it and hearing him so. Unknown Speaker So you mentioned that you your days were pretty. They were pretty intense. You mentioned that you had suicidal thoughts. Why do you think you never actually followed through with it? Unknown Speaker And to be quite frank with you? I never followed through with it because I thought it was going to screw it up. And so I could only imagine what what I would end up with if I failed. You know, being a vegetarian of vegetative state, excuse me.

What trauma would I cause to the person that found me? So I never, I never really pulled the you know, quote, unquote, trigger because I was afraid I was gonna screw it up. I gotta fix this. It was I told you I was wrongly diagnosed bipolar, and three psychiatrists and a lot of drugs had confirmed that. And I remember one day, my twin daughters were like two, and we were in the bathtub, and I was giving them a bath. And the acoustics are really loud. And immediately, I drain the water, I threw myself in my bedroom, and I locked the door, because I was like, This is not normal.

Live a Reiki Lifestyle

And this is how people die. And this is how you end up on the news. So I knew right away, and I remember just laying there looking up at the ceiling, bawling my eyes out. And I told God or the universe, whatever language you use, I said, you change my brain now. Or you take me off this planet.

How Reiki changed my life and where I ended up!

And I was guided to a Christian counselor, because I had grown up in the church. And the very next day, I was able to get into her. And she told me, you know, a 45 minute session, right? And she was like, you know, Rihanna.

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And I just laughed at her. And so I went home, and it totally blown her off. And so write that in there. But right then in there, my choice was to go off all my medicine, I went cold turkey. And nothing happened to me. Except I could now form a sentence without having to take notes about what did I wanted to say next, because the drugs had just zombies me so bad.

And almost immediately after getting off those drugs, the memories surfaced. So when we we have trauma, or we witness something, or we experienced something, our bodies hold on to that event energetically.

Because our bodies holding on to it energetically. And so trying to deal with that and getting that energy out of me.

1 - How Reiki improved my health and my life

We did things like em Dr. But Reiki just landed in my lap. And you know, you should ignore those. Unknown Speaker I was really afraid to go to the Reiki session, but I had felt like I tried everything. And it is an autoimmune disease where your body is literally attacking itself. And he was right. I mean, I was, I was so sick, everything was wrong with me. And it was, it was literally creating disease. But the Reiki Reiki is the Japanese version of flailing of hands. No, my soul sat up out of my body. And I remember thinking Even then, oh, my God, what did I get myself into, because I could hear the whooshing sound of my soul sitting up out of my body.

And I could see the room from a perspective that clearly was not laying down. And after that one Reiki session, I was almost a different human being. I mean, it was like, so much peace and calm, was finally possible. But I knew that I was so sick of being sick, that I made the decision let as much of my past go as possible.

And Reiki is a Japanese healing technique. It is a universal life force energy. So universal meaning of God of the universe, whatever language you use, life force energy is the energy that is all around us. The energy that Tesla wanted to harness to give free power, the energy that keeps you alive, that the life force energy that makes your plants grow and animates your pets.

And when it gets low enough through stress, disease, environmental issues, our life force gets really low. Unknown Speaker Okay, so yoga breath. Okay, so yes.

10 Life-Changing Reasons to Learn Reiki for Yourself

So, um, so and then it can, you know, help with anxiety and depression and stuff like that. So, the reason? Yes, it was a lifesaver for me,. Unknown Speaker So I went test three different Reiki sessions within about a two month period, about two or three month period. And so I could feel all this happening.

Why Choose Reiki?

And then all of a sudden, I was sitting in my cubicle after my third session, my third Reiki session of sitting in my cubicle, and I could audibly hear, run, jump trust. And I was holding my body like white knuckling it into my chair because my body wanted to run. But, you know, here I am a corporate recruiter, I have two small children to feed.

Like what is going on? You know what I mean? What What is this? Like I even diagnosed my thyroid issue eight years prior. And I had kept asking them, please check again, please check again. But there, you know, their normal standard numbers. So so I had done other things in the holistic realm, like essential oils and organic eating and Reiki was kind of Next on the list, but it was the biggest impact.

Unknown Speaker Run jump track? So at the end of the day of actually audibly hearing, run, jump, trust and fighting my body. And I went home and you know, picked up my kids and and did my thing.