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Adults were thinking and expecting that by using our framework or other social skills interventions children would be able to not only play fluidly with different peers on the playground, but use these same skills to work well in center-based activities. Your responses became our motivation to explore this concept of generalization and look at it from multiple angles.

What we discovered was that virtually all social skills interventions, ours as well as others, do not address teaching children how to engage in complex interactive multi-player play.

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Instead they teach children aspects of social attention, social awareness, and basic social skills, without helping children learn how to put it all together and use these individual skills fluidly, interactively, and collaboratively what SCIP is all about. We knew this would better define and help us all be more realistic in our expectations when using our We Thinkers! This was no small task, as we alluded to at the beginning of this article. We had to go beyond what current literature and research was telling us about individual social abilities in our children.

This was an investigation into not only the basic social skills needed to enter into and work as part of a structured adult-led group e. The hardest thing about creating the GPS Scale was figuring out what core elements to focus on when observing children. We knew we had to keep this list fairly short for our related GPS Observation Checklist to be readily used by many.

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The five different levels of play could then be summarized as children ranging from Me-based to We-based players along the continuum defined on our GPS Scale see diagram earlier in article. That was just the beginning! So we created differentiated interactive play activities that connected to each of the Volume 2 storybook concepts and curriculum units but focused on teaching and encouraging children to engage in interactive, peer-based play at each level of the scale. The end result, our GPS Play Scale, observation tools, and interactive play activities, will change the way you look at and think about your students, clients, or children and teach them social thinking and related social skills.

Best of all, these new GPS tools will go further in helping our kids learn to notice and consider the thoughts and emotions of others in their daily attempts to share space and interact. This is life-learning we are teaching, and we can start while children are young and lay the foundation for their journey through school, toward college and careers, and success in all areas of their lives as they engage in increasingly complex social situations.

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Coolahan, K. Preschool peer interactions and readiness to learn: Relationships between classroom peer play and learning behaviors and conduct. Journal of Educational Psychology, 92 3 , Winner, M. Building on the Social Thinking Vocabulary taught in Volume 1, Volume 2 teaches executive functioning and social problem solving to give students social tools to last a lifetime.

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Lessons included on a USB for easy printing. For use only after Volume 1.

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Social Thinking Articles. The Prime Importance of Play Why put so much emphasis on interactive play when everyone is focused on academic learning? GPS page 26 So how did all this new thought come about? Not Just Play, But Interactive Play We created our early learner curriculum for this very reason: to help teach children with strong language skills and some basic academic competencies the crucial and foundational skills that would help them become better social thinkers and use a stronger set of related social skills.

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  • Introducing the GPS This was no small task, as we alluded to at the beginning of this article. Does the child primarily use novel or scripted language during interactive play? Does the child use toys or play props in an abstract or concrete manner? Does the child engage in a singular or shared imagination when interacting with others? Is the child flexible or rigid during interactive play?

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    References Coolahan, K. This is our premier social-emotional learning package for ages 4—7! Help children develop foundational social competencies with these five storybooks and extensive curriculum. The evidence-based materials strengthen perspective taking and self-awareness and are used and loved around the world by kids, parents, and professionals alike.

    By sharing ideas about better choices the characters might make, students engage in group problem solving, perspective taking, and social-emotional learning. Lessons included on a CD for easy printing. Browse All Products. If current trends continue, universal preschool is the next big educational initiative coming our way. And, we are thrilled about it. Study after study demonstrates the benefits of starting education early, and that education is the best way to close the income gap for disadvantaged students.

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