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Take Five Dave Brubeck. Little Green Apples O. To Sir with Love Lulu. Midnight Mary Joey Powers. For You Rick Nelson. Funny Way of Laughing Burl Ives. Break it to Me Gently Brenda Lee. At Last Etta James. Together Connie Francis. Still Bill Anderson. The Wedding Julie Rogers. Engine Engine 9 Roger Miller. Kiddio Brook Benton. Ebb Tide The Righteous Brothers. Come Saturday Morning The Sandpipers. Windy Wes Montgomery. The Impossible Dream Jack Jones. Diane The Bachelors. Theme From Dr. Kildare Richard Chamberlain. Call Me Chris Montez.

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Fools Rush In Rick Nelson. The Look of Love Dusty Springfield. Husbands and Wives Roger Miller. Tom Jones. Mama Connie Francis. Delilah Tom Jones. Winter World of Love Engelbert Humperdinck. Hotel Happiness Brook Benton. Marie The Bachelors. Single Girl Sandy Posey. Losing You Brenda Lee. Lady Jack Jones. Wonderful Summer Robin Ward. Navy Blue Dianne Renay. Shangri-La Robert Maxwell.

Suspicious Minds Elvis Presley. On the Rebound Floyd Cramer. The Old Lamplighter The Browns. Flowers on the Wall The Statler Brothers. My Coloring Book Kitty Kallen. Abilene George Hamilton IV. North to Alaska Johnny Horton. Wolverton Mountain Claude King. Try to Remember The Brothers Four. Happy Heart Andy Williams. Our Winter Love Bill Pursell. This place has some of the famous bog people found thousands of years ago, and one of the most impressive celtic jewellery collections around. The collection of silver antiquities from all over the world spans the entire museum.

There is also a military wing dedicated to the tumultuous times during the Irish battle for independence. Uniforms and memorabilia from the days of Michael Collins, from which the Barracks gets its name are present througout. There is also various artefacts from each of the different religions, with for example pieces of the dead sea scrolls themselves.

The first floor is constantly changing every few months, currently on show are the telling images of china, screens and intricate hand drawn scrolls. Top winning pedigree cats in Ireland North and South competing for the overall title of Supreme Cat , plus some handsome non pedigree cats. The venue is opposite the Maldron Hotel City West and has excellent catering facilities with free parking. The 69 bus from Dublin stops outside and venue is 5 min from the Luas. Electric Picnic extends another warm invitation to all lovers of music, art, culture and general frivolity to their annual little get-together in Stradbally, Co Laois on 3 — 5 September.

A tantalizing world to entice and enthrall you, tickle and tease you. How else would we discover the treasures and riches the festival will be offering to stimulate the senses. All six. Our Weekend will take place across the labyrinth of stone-walled gardens and woodlands in Ballinlough Castle, Co. Meath as a celebration of the Summer Solstice, the 19th and 20th June. The Avalon team here, contacting you via the wonder of wireless intercommunications technology.

Dubliners have taken to leaving their cars at home, and simply sneezing in the opposite direction to where they need to travel, using simply the force of a single sneeze, the average chartered accountant can travel up to 25mph sliding on the ice. This saves on petrol and is much kinder to the environment than the rocket packs generally used by commuting businessmen in the Dublin financial district. Well, the much anticipated Christmas party shenanigans footage is currently under production; and boy, we have a hell of a story to tell.

Though you are going to have to wait a little while longer, as our master teller of tales has been struck down with piggy flu and is currently in quarantine. We have been somewhat peeved lately at our impoverished monosyllabic articulations being constantly criticised by our resident, loose-lipped, garrulous drivel speaking devil of a ship-mate. Needless to say, our babbling, chatterbox of a monkey, will be in touch soon. Our Birthday celebrations. Thanks to everyone for helping us get rid of the vast alcohol surplus. We are now 18 and feeling all grown up…..

As you all may or may not know, we have various ways for guests to have a free night at Avalon. If you are a performer you can get a free night for entertaining our guests. We have a monthly photography competition — enter your best shot — a winner is picked each month and wins a free night at the Avalon. The photos are also printed, framed and hung in the hostel guaranteeing you fame and fortune…… Email your entries to info avalon-house.

Keep an eye on the Tweets on our homepage as we regularly give away prizes from the tweet box. This week we are giving away free beds every day to celebrate so keep watching. Summer is playing host to a lot of new music and cultural festivals in the city and around the country. Sadly this week, two members of our team depart. First Yoann, our hairy french co-worker goes back to la France for the summer and secondly our brave companion Rob, who has put up with the crazy antics of the staff during his very successful internship in reception, leaves us for the homeland.

They will be missed a lot. This is the entire Avalon blog summarised in Word art form. The daffodil buds of Spring are starting to stir under the soil as the crisp sunshine of February waits to break through the clouds of winter and illuminate the city of Dublin to welcome all you weary travellers here to Ireland. So who knows what or who may be waiting for you down in the local pub, on a tour bus to Wicklow or in the hostel lobby! We now have Wifi access all over the building now so you can surf the internet in the comfort of your very own bed. Also a new FREE walking tour will be leaving from the hostel reception every morning at am and lasts about 3 hours.

In the meantime you can virtually meet two of the team here two Irish specimens! Until next time take care. We are getting in the festive spirit these days in Avalon, having put up our Christmas tree and decorations after a long battle with three sets of lights I might add ; we have come all Christmassy all over. This was helped on its way by the event of the year! It is filled with many trinkets and interesting facts to keep you amused for hours. Then onto the next two pubs followed by a glorious hearty Christmas dinner in the wonderfully scenic Glenmalure lodge, and all this was capped off by even more drinks in Byrnes bar, as seen by the girls below, Mr Byrne looks after all his customers with a bit of TLC.

Just ask. The Christmas Market is also on down in the IFSC and has all amounts of different foods and trinkets to be had from the local area. The roar of a good fire warms many a soul and lucky enough we have our own fireplace to do just that. The sharp sounds of Razorlight are belting out at the end of November and all this can be capped off with comedy events throughout the week in the Laughter lounge situated at the heart of the City. This week also saw the return ofThibault our now infamous French ex-workmate.

He graced us with his presence for a lovely week. Hands and walls! The best news in the world ladies and gentlemen……yes we have a working lift or escalator depending on where you come from.. Also this month saw the grand opening of our Barista coffee corner which serves a range of delicious coffees and muffins and other delectable treats to feast upon. Rob is now sort of our newest member to the Avalon family.

Oh he also makes a mean hot chocolate!! Our ickle spanish hombre, Carolina.. We will just have to settle for some rain and a lush greenness, a green greener than green I was told once.. Tickets and show times can be found on the ticketmaster website, go and grab yourself a giggle or two while you are here. James our beloved friend that deserted us earlier in the year has now returned from his short stint at St.

Lovely new 3D images of our bedrooms and foyer where taken this month so expect to see updated versions of the panoramic views of our rooms so you can really grasp the true character of our Hostel first hand, and all before even setting foot in the door, boy the wonders of modern technology never ceases to amaze me!

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So look forward to some caffeine overload to send you on your way travelling. The competition is still open so please send your entries in. The photos can be of anything so get snapping! Welcome back to the Avalon blog , we have plenty of new additions to the Avalon Hostel this month. We saw the return of a familiar face in Will, who came back to work for the summer. As you can see will is fond of dressing up as a French person and he also is just a little bit fond of the Rugby and Hurling, so any sports enthusiastic traveller from either New Zealand or Kilkenny will be happy to meet our Willamena.

It is a sight to behold and also a little bit of fun if you get a chance to see it. This month also saw the return of JP from his Honeymoon, he actually managed to get hitched to none other than a previous employee of the Hostel Avalon, and yes love does blossom here after all. This month is also a prime month to see the beautiful countryside of Ireland in all its green Glory. Just ask our friendly staff and they can assist you on anywhere you wish to visit. Hope you are Happy. Thankfully there is an Irish man in the photo to balance it out somewhat!. Fresh from her huge starring role in Lord of the Rings 4, Receptionista Extraordinaire Silvia Mencaraglia secretely snook into the office and stole all the staff Easter eggs!

Embarrassing enough for her she was totally unaware of our newly installed CCTV and was caught red-handed! Now as punishment Silvia must, on request by any customer, put on her little pink bunny suit, dance around reception and produce a chocolate egg.. Now, its commonly believed that Ireland is a land of fairytale and wonder and that we prance through the meadows with Leprechauns, singing songs about Banshees and little folk…well thats all true and on the 17th of March the whole world joins in with us… In modern day Dublin however we have taken to having a few quiet drinks by the bar while at about lunch time an 80 year old gentleman takes his place in the corner and sings us into the wee hours with a classic set of ballads!

There then comes a certain time, around 5ish, when every Irish person remembers just what it is to be Irish, yes thats right…our amazing innate gift of Dance and Song! Its the one day of the year where not only the Irish are proud to be Irish but where anyone who sticks on a green hat and drinks 10 pints of the black stuff is officially a Paddy! Thanks be to jaysus that February is over…commonly known as the most useless month as there are no alcoholic festivals during it.

They will be sadly missed!

Avalon () - IMDb

Aidez moi!! Help Me! Though these are some of the basics the keen traveller will need to know its also handy to keep a dictionary and a Lonely Planet with you at all times! We wish Erica all the best and and were gonna miss her loads! In more January news…nothing really happens in January so lets all hope for a really deadly February!!! Its only a short one so not long now til Paddys day folks wahoooooooo!

All you need is a long stick,sweeping brush or pool cue and away you go! I assure you all these 3 steps will change your lives, come see Silvia and Erica now! They still wear yellow but hey!

The Best of Frankie Avalon [Varese Sarabande]

As we all welcome in with many a song and even more many-a-drink its hard for us nevertheless to not have the winter blues! While the temperature outside is hitting about Minus degrees all of us here at the Avalon are contently warm due to all the insulation we have recently required over the past few weeks! Im not talking about fibreglass wall stuffing or lagging jackets here folks, I refer of course to the extra layers flab that surrounds our waste lines due to us all thinking eating selection boxes for breakfast and washing them down with Whiskey will never have a downside!

Well as were all good people here at Avalon House we will give you some helpful hints to get rid of those excess holiday pounds and all this… free of charge!!! Theres no need to join any gym or buy any fancy new fangled bicycle-strider-runnery type things either…Just follow these 3 simple steps! So from all us here at the Avalon, we hope you have a greeeeat Christmas and if your too worse for wear to remember it…thats why Jaysus invented digital cameras!!

In the case of all the staff here thats not the story, we havent bought ANY yet! One thing we didnt forget however despite the sambuca , was The Avalon House christmas party on Wednesday!!! After a very civilised meal, classy wine and a joyful busride to Temple Bar all the staff let their hair down and danced the night away to all those cringe-worthy Christmas songs we all love to hate!

There was even a staff rendition of the nothing-to-do-with-Christmas-whatsoever classic Eidelweiss led by choir-master Paddy! So as its only 9 days til the big day-get a move on…. Most of the good stuff is already sold out and no one is going to be impressed by a pair of crinkle scissors, a christmas jumper or vouchers on Christmas Day! Trust me! So as the embarrassingly great Christmas songs hit our radios and the streets of Dublin resemble Wall Street on any given morning, let me leave you with this final thought!

Puppies are not just for Christmas and Argos have only 4 Nintendo Wiis left so get your skates on!!! As promised folks…some festive fotos from Avalonia! Thanks to Nicola, Erica and Steve the Avalon Christmas tree is now erect and towering over our guests in the reception! We welcomed 4 new staff to reception — Sylvia, Antonio, Nicola and Dermot — and said goodbye to Ivan — good luck with your new career! If you have anything you would like to see on the blog or any submissions just let us know email ronan avalon-house. They are off, continuing on their travels — have fun guys!

Thanks last week as well to Genevieve for her amazing harp concert in the cafe, Frodo for his guitar concert and the fantastic Tower of Dudes. On Monday evening 3rd September we have a free concert for guests — The Tower of Dudes — check them out on www. Work is starting on Thursday 6th Spetember and will be finished by the following Thursday. If you have any questions feel free to e-mail us at info avalon-house. Keep the photographs coming for the competition — we want to get as many as possible up in the rooms and around the hostel!

Unfortunately our Tango classes have come to an end — thanks Jose for teaching them all summer and to all the guests who took part. Just to let you know that our free Tango classes are on every evening in Avalon House 7. Also this Monday night 27th August 8. You can send your entries by e-mail or post or if you are staying with us we can take them from your digital camera at reception. The prize is free accommodation for 2 people for a weekend at Avalon House. Remember photos can be of anything at all people, places, objects — the more unusual the photo the better chance you have.

We will try and print and display as many entries as possible. Good luck! E-mail entries to: ronan avalon-house. We have welcomed two new members to the Avalon Squad; Jennifer and Larry. We hope they will be happy amongst us crazies. Also a quick shout out to our two work experience members Louis and Thomas…team French helping keep all of our French guests at ease in their native tongue.

Till next time, take her handy. As the days get shorter and the nights get colder what better way can you spend an evening than by downing a few pints of the black stuff? August always brings a lot of people from the continent where it gets far too hot and they get to enjoy cooler climates and refreshing showers in a misty magical Ireland…..

In other news our best and boldest James Anthony Foley is leaving us for a classroom of snotty nosed teenagers…personally I think snotty nosed receptionists are nicer but whatever floats your ducky in the bath ya know? Trinners for winners and all that jazz. Mathilde came and went, she was great! Yoann will be back soon from France. Nicola is going to Asia soon for 2 months.

JP is a tit. Electric Picnic next week….. Come love our city and us of course! See you soon! Bundle of sticks…I mean tricks! Encompassing everything from roots and reggae to live bands, drum and bass and dubstep to techno, funk and electro to house 3. Meet Herman Gooble, he invented the cat in , having already had moderate success with the pet rock, and tamagotchi. Lucia Hudson-Evans won a free night for 2 in the luxurious double ensuite room at Avalon after she took this photo in her garden with the lifesize replica of the Taj Mahal built from matchsticks.

The Taj Mahal, which pales in comparison to the architectural grandeur of Avalon House, was built after an Indian King stayed at Avalon in and was so impressed by his stay he built a replica in Agra when he got home. Those who were in nappies diapers for our American friends when we opened are now of legal drinking age in Ireland anyway. We will be celebrating our long awaited birthday next Friday 14th August in the true Irish 18th birthday fashion — by drinking large amounts of alcohol.

In other news; we launched our new website a couple of weeks ago — we hope you like it. We hope to have more banana adventures soon. Keep watching this space for more. Welcome back to the Avalon Blogger.. Here at Avalon we said a fond farewell to James and Silvia, two characters that are surely missed by all around in their own way. James has gone and joined the competition in St. Their whirlwind adventures round the world keep all of us back here in good old Eire entertained.

This month also saw the arrival of the now Infamous Thibault Galan, all the way from France on 6 weeks work experience, I use that term loosely… His pearls of wisdom are priceless and his ever long battle with the English language still rolls on. The sign at Reception gives guests a glimpse of Thibaults thinking on Day to Day business. The month of June also saw our resident Tango Teacher all the way from sunny Argentina come back for yet another summer of spreading his love for Tango to all at Hostel Avalon.

Every night at 7. So as June ends and July starts, prepare yourself for a month of sun. After a looooong January, February and all 29 days of it has finally rolled in. Its now truly over!!! So as we all feel the january-anti-climax we are coming close to the end of the winter blues! This months big news is that we are to lose yet another member of the beloved Avalon team, the feisty Argentinian-Erica Quani Slopalopolis, best known for outstanding work ethics, her constant passion for the 16a and her funky dress sense!!!

The newly slimmed-down Erica see previous blog entry and her housemate Elena have decided enough is enough with Ireland and are hitting the not-so-tropical Alpine region to work on the slopes for the foreseeable future! So in the spirit of helping each other out we have compiled a list of useful phrases Erica and whoever of ye who intend on hitting a French speaking area in the distant future… 1.

A promise had been made, one he had to keep. His throat felt as though it had been force-fed sand. Extinguishing the magic, Merlin reluctantly let go of the earth and stood. He had no choice, now, but to turn towards Morgana.

BABY ALIVE April fools day!

The princess moved a few steps closer, as though pulled closer by the same force he was fighting against. This is not good. Merlin could sense the unseen atmosphere literally yanking him forward, like a magnet unwilling to let go. Their eyes met — and held — cerulean blue to silver. Such weakness had never struck him around a woman — especially not one as young as her.

For though Morgana was very much of age at her two decades of life, there was an innocence still within her eyes that drew him in like a moth to a flame. And I presume you are Lady Morgana? There was a brief hesitation, as though she wanted to try lying, then Morgana inclined her head in assent. Their gazes locked again and Merlin cursed the fates for putting him on the path of this temptress.

Her eyes were not so innocent now. Instead, a burning look shone within, one he very well recognized, for it was surely the same one reflected in his own. Apparently, tales of your exploits reached him from afar. Merlin was silent, unsure of how to answer. Morgana peered at him for a few moments longer, before smiling briefly. I shall leave you to your secrets. As she turned to leave, the mage could not help his eyes from roaming her form. He turned away, cursing against his own impulses. Purchase Avalon Wishes on Amazon.

Romantic April Fool SMS for Girlfriend n Boyfriend in Hindi

Add Avalon Wishes to Goodreads. Purchase The Dragon Medallion on Amazon. Add The Dragon Medallion on Goodreads. I think we all struggle with issues with at least one parent, and for me that was my dad. Writing was a way of escaping the limits he imposed on my life. At the time, everything I was reading in young adult had heroines that always needed saving. I love HEAs. What I mean is, writing started as an escape, maybe even a form of therapy, but it became a lot more.

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Shutting up the characters in my head? So I should be focusing on marketing, networking, etc. My final answer. And I mean trying to push a Transformer out of way with puny human hands, hard. My husband would disagree, but up until recently I would have said my version of Merlin from Avalon Wishes. And I mean, no heads or tails kind of mess… I get an idea, write it down. At some point, a scene will pop in my head. It could be the beginning, middle or end of the novel, and I write it down. Then keep writing from there. I end up with scenes all over the place, notebooks, napkins, you name it….

Then finally type it all up into a semblance of a rough. I dig into the meat of the story, fill in plot holes, dialogue, descriptions. Go through five or six edits, then send to my beta, make changes, and after send to my editor. And then they turn out to be two hot-as-hell guardians, here to guide me on my quest to purge the world of evil. Never stop writing. If it makes you happy, do it. Write what you are passionate about, and the rest will follow!

I was born in Romania originally, moved to Canada in my teens and then pretty much all over the place in this vast country. Growing up, writing was an escape, a fun way to get away from the reality of the world around me. That changed when I moved to Ottawa for university, at least for a while. But writing was my constant, my always-there escape. I had both book I and II finished by the time I was With university and life getting in the way, I took a break from writing, only dabbling in the occasional contract or fun short stories for my own amusement.

Avalon Dreams was the product of that long year, followed by its sequel Avalon Wishes this year. Menu Skip to content.

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My father, King Adrien, was a firm believer in supporting me through choices not necessarily allowed women my age — or stature — back then.