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Has a nervous breakdown in the 1st series after taking on too much administrative work. Susan appeared to be good friends with everyone and even got on with many of her superiors. Her best friend was Simon, and she acted as his psychologist most of the time.

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Many of the story lines in series 1 and 2 had something to do with their friendship, including one episode in series 2, where Simon became attracted to her. When Simon left in series 2, his last scene was with Susan, and he suggested she come with him.

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She declined but it became clear how close the two characters were. Disappears without explanation between series 2 and 3. The object of much discussion and desire amongst the male characters, Jenny had one night stands with both Brian and Simon later suggesting Susan seduce Brian, citing her experience with him as pleasant enough. Originally distancing herself from the main group, she became one of its integral elements during the first series.

Promoted to Head of Year 11 at the end of that series, she had a notable relationship with educational psychologist Alec in series 2 before disappearing without explanation between series 2 and 3.

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Arrived as an NQT in series 2. With a reputation for making disastrous choices in men, she had a month affair with Matt, and later a relationship with pupil Anthony Millington. She has had breast augmentation, and regularly tries to manipulate her colleagues by crying in order to get herself out of trouble.

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Initially very unpopular with her colleagues especially Liz , by the fourth series Penny had become a much more integrated member of the group. She ended up with pupil Anthony Millington at the end of series 4, after an ongoing affair throughout the series. Replaced Simon. Married with children, however had several extramarital affairs, including a month relationship with Penny, and later a short lived affair with Lindsay.

He attempts to deny his 'true' feelings for Lindsay illustrated through his assertion that there is no love in Shakespeare 's A Midsummer Night's Dream. The character was killed off between the 3rd and 4th series in a car crash.

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He is the show's only main homosexual character and is extremely sociable with everyone. He disappears without explanation between series 2 and 3. Simon is also extremely jealous of him as he replaced Simon as the person who gets the most attention.

Extremely popular amongst the male members of the group, Lindsay in a sense replaced the void left by Susan. Lindsay also embarked on a brief affair with Matt after much sexual tension between the two, but as of series 4 it was revealed their relationship had ended when Matt returned to his wife, a while before Matt was killed in the car accident involving Kurt and Brian.

She was also known to out drink, out belch and in general better than the boys at everything. Head of English at Wattkins School. Mild-mannered, skirt chaser in the series. Feels sorry for Bob, who made him the subject of a hate campaign after losing his position to him when the two schools merged. Shares a flat with Damien and Ben, and may have saved Wattkins from closure by seducing the inspector.

Usually this would be done by Clare, but unfortunately for her the inspector turned out to be a woman. Normally sarcastic and unimpressed with the antics in the group. Likes to get Ben into slightly awkward situations from time to time.

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Had a crush on an inter teacher but did not really get pursued. Found out about Bob's mail-order bride and exposed the secret which led to his disgust against him. Named Bob as "bald bastard" in his mobile. Religious Education. A hypochondriac. Please fix the following input errors: dummy. Already have an account? Sign In now Sign up for a personal account so you can save videos, leave comments, and utilize other advanced features! Didn't receive an email? Fill out this form to have your password emailed to you Login here.


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